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The Hearth of Brighid

The Hearth of Brighid is a Traditionalist Coven based in South Wales, near Llantristant. We offer training for sincere and dedicated seekers of occult knowledge. In addition we run introductory public workshops and open rituals in Pontypridd, Church Village and Cowbridge.


"Tis the witching hour of night,
Orbed is the moon and bright,
And the stars they glisten, glisten,
Seeming with bright eyes to listen--For what listen they?"
John Keates

Full Moon


Upcoming Events

The Magic of the Mabinogion - The First Branch

27th and 28th February 2016, Church Village

The Magic of the Mabinogion - The Second Branch

9th and 10th April 2016, Church Village








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