The Hearth of Brighid

About Us


We are an established coven in South Wales practising Traditionalist Witchcraft

The Hearth of Brighid is the outer court of a Traditionalist Coven in South Wales, near Cardiff and Llantristant. We offer study nights and workshops magical and occult topics such as folk magic, spells, herbalism, mythology, meditation, basic ritual and other essential skills for witches. We offer in person training as well as online courses and our private facebook community.

 Our purpose is to help you find the magic within you. We encourage freedom and personal exploration within a tried and tested magical framework. We will teach you robust magical techniques which will help you to grow and to become the witch you want to be. This is not a paint by numbers training, even our online courses are designed to be flexible and reactive to your needs. Thats why every single course comes with your own mentor – a real life person to guide you through the training and to modify it where needed. 

We work with the Land, the Spirits of the Land and the Ancestors, with members are encouraged to make their own connections to the Divine. A lot of our time is spent outdoors, with rituals held in a privately owned peaceful grove. However we also undertake temple ritual indoors depending on the purpose of our working.

 We are constantly learning and evolving. Magic and witchcraft is experiential and it has to change – it cannot be contained or frustrated! Each new member of the Hearth enhances our working and our energy, building on solid traditions and foundations to create something unique and wonderfully magical.