A Little About Breo May

I have been studying the craft for around 20 years, having studied in a coven setting since I was 18. My personal interests are wide and varied, but I have a particular affinity for music, herb craft, and the art of Sacred Fire Tending. I was privileged to study here in South Wales in DragonOak Coven. This has given me a very strong foundation for my own personal growth and development, and has given me the tools I need to live a truly magical life. Having developed a traditionalist path I am now a Priestess of the NECTW Tradition and run my own coven based near Llantristant. I offer various services to the local community - including training in Traditionalist Witchcraft, but also running public rituals and helping you to organise your own rituals for the most important times in your life - handfastings, baby namings, whatever you are planning, get in contact and we will help!

The Symphony Of Tarot - by Gwynn

Tarot can be many things to many people, a paradigm that often polarises opinion. Sadly, tarot can still engender the fear and suspicion for some, who not only feel threatened by the bringing of a perceived lower vibration into our physical world (is it possible to vibrate at any lower level than it sometimes feels?), whilst also expressing genuine concern for the tarot reader, who can be seen as a conduit and victim of bad, otherworldly ‘things’. With this in mind, tarot still seems to hold an enduring allure for even those who express fear and disapproval, which often serves to embellish the perspective that tarot is of the unknown and not to be trusted.
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For others, tarot is a means by which to express colour, shape and fantasy, sometimes with reference and deference to its esoteric, archetypal origins, and sometimes not. Perhaps for purists, the plethora of packs and mass produced ‘explanations’ and interpretations are an anathema. Does this superficiality serve to support the doubters and those who feel tarot is one step away from eternal damnation, or does it make available to many the opportunity to look beyond the froth and take the first step into the beauty of spirituality in its broadest sense? Tarot is utilised in all sorts of settings for a range of reasons, including divination, healing and to deepen learning. Tarot readings can be undertaken virtually, over the phone or of course, for oneself and others, face to face, with or without an audience. The ethical considerations for those who seek to deliver, along with those who wish to receive, the perceived wisdom of tarot, have immense gravitas. The physical emotional, and spiritual implications of both giving and accepting a tarot reading should be very carefully considered by all involved, understanding and owning the intention created before, during and after such an important liaison is crucial - the Universe is always listening – do we create a cats chorus or a spiritual symphony? Arguably, like everything in life, there is a duality to tarot and therefore, ensuring there is considered thought beforehand should help all involved to make informed choices. The lived experience of tarot can be based in love, to clarify, in perfect love and in perfect trust. The opportunity to explore the complexity of life with an ethical, non-directive and sensitive reader can be enormously significant, especially where the relationship between tarot and a reader is one that has matured over time, measured in depth rather than chronology. Everyone’s experience is different and certainly tarot is not for everyone, as in all aspects of life and living, we have choices and it is incumbent upon all to take personal responsibility for the contribution we make, both to the past, present and future of and for, ourselves and others.



Don't Blow Out The Candles - Breo May

On this path we tread we are all seeking the greater light. It is our sacred duty to let the flame burn, so that it grows and spreads and makes the world a tiny bit of a better place for us all to inhabit. Each of us will carry the light in a different way - but its one thing that every true religion has in common. Not trying to convert, but sharing the light they have found, in the hope that the darkest places might be illuminated. Recently I've noticed a worrying trend - a mocking of others beliefs, and a sense of glee when we get one over on the 'other side' - or rather Christians. It feels as though we are trying to extract some kind of historical revenge for the wrongs which were done unto others and not to us. It seems that Facebook, rather than bringing people together, is a wonderful tool for driving wedges between us at times. Because they are not 'the other side'. They too are trying to spread the light. Whilst we should stand up for our beliefs, and where people seek to estinguish our light then we should defend it robustly, we must remember that extracting our own amusement at the expense of others - no matter what religion - only lessens the glow of the light we create together. So please don't blow out someone else's candle.