This week its a short blog, I’m sharing the best witchcraft websites that I have been LOVING!


The weather has been glorious and the skies realy clear every night. So I’ve been sat out in my garden with some herby teas reading amazing blog posts and aritcles from my favourite traditional witches. It been a wonderfully refreshing week so I’m sharing these with you.


These articles are wonderful for new witches – but I’ve been practicing witchcraft for over 2 decades and I still learnt loads! So grab a comfy chair, your favourite drink and snack and settle in for a witchy readathon!

1. Lady Althaea – Cleansing and Purification

This is probably my favourite witchcraft website at the moment. So much great information packed into such a small space! In fact it was difficult to choose the page I wanted to share – but this 4 part series is so good, so fundamental, I think every witch should read it.  When you are doing witchcraft – and I mean REALLY doing witchcraft – then you can easily get bogged down with all the energies and ritual pollution. This is a really simple guide to ritual pollution and getting rid of it quickly and easily.

Just promised me that when you have read it you’ll take a wider look!


2. Bane Folk – Introduction to Medicinal Nightshades

Lady Althaea might have the best witchcraft website right now, but Sarah Ann Lawless will forever be my favourite online author! And this is her new site. It doesn’t have the huge archives of the old website – Yet. But the quality of the handful of articles is off the scale.

This is a brilliant introduction to the thing Sarah does best – the poison path. Learn about Henbane, Mandrake and Datura and I promise you that you will feel like the biggest bad ass witch out there. But do yourself a favour and wait until you have read a few more books before you start chomping down on nightshade flowers!

Between these 2 authors you could loose at least a week in reading – but it will expand your practice amazingly if you put just a tiny percentage into action.


3. Rune Soup – Talking Traditional Witchcraft and Animism

This is a 2 for 1 offer! You get Gordon White AND Lee Morgan. If you don’t know and love them yet you will at the end of this podcast!

I love Rune Soup – it’s an immensely diverse collection of magical subjects presented in a solid and down to earth way. And it means you can pop in your earphones and lay back and relax!


4. Roadside Wildflowers

This isn’t a witchcraft website but it really resonated with me this week. Have you noticed whilst driving around or taking the bus how alive the roadside is this year? There has been an explosion of wild flowers along the verges! But we could still do more. There are almost 400,000km of road in the UK and in a world of dwindling wild flower meadows and grasslands then our road verges could be utilised hugely. We can increase bio-diversity, and increase food for bees and bugs whilst having roads that look so amazing!


5. A day in the life of: An Edinburgh candlemaker on Candlemaker Row

Another non witchy website in this best witchcraft website list! This time the Edinburgh Evening news. But this is good news – and good news needs sharing!

I challenge you to read about Black Moon Botanica and Brooke’s candle making and witchy shop and NOT want to immediately book a holiday to Scotland!


6. Graveyard Magic – A Witches Guide

This is a nice easy read for starting magic in graveyards. And what witch doesn’t want to do a bit of graveyard magic?!

But worry not. This isn’t a cliched article that will have you rolling your eyes and regretting the day you ever stuck the label WITCH on your jumper. Its an easy read, but its packed full of good content.


7. Patheos – Connecting with your local Genius Loci

You know me well enough now to know my witchcraft is local. Working with the Genius Loci is absolutely central to this, even if you don’t realise you are doing it! There are some really nice simple ideas in this article which can get you going today. Some of them don’t even seem like witchcraft – collecting litter for example. But I guarantee if you try it the local spirits will repay your efforts.


So thats it! 7 great websites and articles to check out. I promise to drag myself in from the garden and woodlands a little more this week so that I can give you a full sized blog next week! But hopefully you will be outside too, witching away, too busy to need to fogive me! 

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