Simple Breathing Technique

Breathing regulates your body into a natural rhythm. This exercise will set that rhythm to one which will help you to relax and create a focus for meditation.

This is a very simple method of breath awareness, but despite its simplicity if you practice it regulalry it will have a huge effect on you – increasing your connection to the subtle energies of magic and providing a strong foundation to build from.

You can do this exercise ANYWHERE! It easiest to practice somewhere quiet at first where you won’t be disturbed – such as in your garden or sat by a window in your home. But once you have mastered the basics then think about where you might like to do it – this technique helps to fill the lungs with the life essence contained in the air around us, so can be used to align and connect yourself with a place you wish to work with magically. 

Get yourself fully relaxed and then start to breathe fairly slowly to a count of four. Control it, so that at “four” your lungs are comfortably full – don’t let your body become tense while doing this. Don’t raise your shoulders for instance,  or make yourself physically uncomfortable.  

Let the breath rest in your lungs for a count of two, then let it out in a controlled manner to another count of four. With a further rest for a count of two you simply repeat this pattern.

A good rule of thumb is use a beat of one-digit- a-second. But what matters is a consistent speed which you can do comfortably – better to go slightly faster at first and then work on slowing the count over time than to be out of breath or struggle.

When holding the breath air should never be locked in by force (i.e. my closing the mouth tightly) as this puts internal pressure on the body. The aim is to remove pressure not introduce it. You are trying to slow and deepen the breath and help the body to ease up and relax fully. 

As with any magical technique then once you have it mastered – repeat, repeat, repeat! Every time you do this you will deepen your practice and align yourself with the spirit of place. 

Another extension of this exercise is to combine it with walking. Make sure your steps are in time with your counting and you have a lovely walking meditation. 


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