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About Brighid

A Little About Brighid EveningSong

I have been studying the craft for around 15 years, and have been a Priestess of the Oakmist Tradition of Witchcraft for over a decade. My personal interests are wide and varied, but I have a particular affinity for music, herb craft, and the art of Sacred Fire Tending.

I was privileged to study here in South Wales in DragonOak Coven. This has given me a very strong foundation for my own personal growth and development, and has given me the tools I need to live a truly magical life.

In addition to witchcraft I have studed Hermetics and Qabalah, and my personal practice marries these two pillars of the tree. It is my personal belief that it is the combination of both of these elements which makes our students such competatent magical practicioners.

I offer various services to the local community - including training in Traditionalist Witchcraft, but also running public rituals and helping you to organise your own rituals for the most important times in your life - handfastings, baby namings, whatever you are planning, get in contact and we will help!

I have recently had a new baby, so I am learning to balance motherhood and the priesthood. As such the community services offered by the coven are somewhat limited - please forgive us! We will however endeavour to always help where it is needed, or to signpost seekers to other reputable practitioners in the area. The coven itself however continues, and our inner work is growing from strength to strength since the arrival of our latest fire child!