The Hearth of Brighid

Learn Online


In addition to offering traditional coven based training we have also developed a number of courses delivered online.


Our newest online course – Introduction to Moon Magic – will be launching at the New Moon in January 2020.

Details will be annouced at the Full Moon and if you want to be the first to know all about it then why not sign up for the Waitlist and take our Changing Tides mini email course (FOR FREE!) in the meantime.

Every student is guided step by step through their course, and become part of a thriving online community of current students, past participants and coven members. Breo will be your real life mentor and coach throughout your programme – via our private Facebook group and email – she is always just the other side of your computer so you can be sure you are always fully supported and never have to worry about how to implement any of the steps. You can be confident you will always have the guidance you need to tread the magical path.

If you choose one of our FULLY COACHED programmes you will receive additional support, and will work through the programme with a small group of other students – taking each module together and participating in weekly group coaching sessions.

Our courses are specially chosen to be suitable for an online environment and are designed because we know not everyone can commit to coven life. But we believe that everyone deserves access to the very best teaching – where ever in the world they live!

The Hearth of Brighid offers the best of both worlds, courses designed and delivered by an experienced Priestess, as well as flexibility to study when and where you want to.

Short Introductory Courses


We currently have two short introductory courses – Meditation and Working with Plant Spirits.

These courses are aimed at beginners and let you dip your toe in the water.

Courses can be completed in your own time but usually take around 2 weeks.




Private Facebook Groups

Everyone who takes a course with us gets access to our Members Only private Facebook group.

This group is the home of your online magical community – where you can meet like minded people who are also studying with us

In Fully guided courses you also get a separate private group just for your class.



Elements of Witchcraft

Our signature online course – Elements of Witchcraft – provides a thorough grounding in  our magical practices and takes between 8 and 12 weeks to complete.

This course will deliver striking results – if you follow each step and put in the hard work.

Perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike it will kick start your journey or provide inspiration to reinvigorate your practice.