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Hearth of Brighid - A Training Coven in Llantrisant South Wales

The Hearth of Brighid has an established Training Coven which offers high quality teaching in traditionalist witchcraft. We are part of a larger family of covens whos members have been practicing the craft in Wales for many years and decades. Training with us requires a significant commitment - we meet several times a month for study nights, workshops, rituals and day trips to sacred sites across Wales.

Our Full Moon rituals are held outdoors where possible, however we also undertake temple ritual indoors depending on the purpose of our working. We work with the Land, the Spirits of the Land and the Ancestors, with students encouraged to make their own connections to the Divine.

We are currently accepting new members into the coven for training, and we encourage perspective students to attend one of our workshops or public events in the first instance. This gives you an opportunity to get to know us in a public setting, with no pressure - as well as being a very enjoyable way to spend an evening or weekend afternoon! When no public events are planned in the near future we will arrange an informal meeting with other members, usually over a coffee in a local cafe.

The initial training period is 12 months, after which exceptional students may be invited to join the Hearth of Brighid and offered a place within our inner court From there on the training is a life's work, but it is more rewarding than you can begin to imagine.

Whilst The Hearth is dedicated to the Goddess Brighid our training materials can be used with any pantheon or form of the divine, and students are encouraged to make their own connections with the divine light.