The Hearth of Brighid

Join our Coven


We are an established coven in South Wales practising Traditionalist Witchcraft

We are not currently accepting applications for coven training and membership. However, we will be inviting up to 6 exceptional candidates to join us in March 2020. 

Joining the coven is a big commitment, for you and for us. It must be a perfect fit.

We highly recomend that potential applicants take the Introduction to Moon Magic course which is launching in January 2020 to get a feel for our style and ways of working and to get to know us a little bit!

We take a long time to get to know perspective students – at least a year but often longer. During this time we provide a basic grounding in magical methods and teach you essential witchcraft skills through study nights, workshops and basic rituals.

After the initial 12 month training period full coven membership may be available, and can be discussed with us at the appropriate time

In the meantime why not download one of our free ebooks such as Changing Tides  and be added to our email list so you are the very first to know about the doors opening.