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Friday 13th October – Working with the Ancestors

As All Hallows approaches and the time of the dead begins we exp lore different ways of working with our ancestors – both familiar and traditional.

Friday 8th September – Study Night – Mythology and Folklore

Mythologies, although seemingly just stories, contain a vast amount of occult knowledge. They contain much in the way of training and ancient ritual, provide an insight into how religious thought developed, and also provides the most access ible introduction to the use of symbols and correspondences. At the same time learning about the land where you live is an excellent way of beginning to connect with the energies and spirits of the land. This study night will provide an overview of the most accessible mythologies and provide you with techniques and exercises which can be used to explore those which peak your interest.

Saturday 16th September – Workshop Day – Apple Picking and Traditions

The mystery of the Apple is central to many traditions and groups – and it all begins with the apple itself! A fun day out picking and using apples and maybe sampling a little of the amber nectar!
Friday 11th August – Divination, Reading the Tea Leaves

Divination is the name given to the art of foretelling the future, or discovering hidden things by magical means. It is a practice as old as humanity. Innumerable means have and are still being used for this purpose – from complex arts of tarot or geomancy to the simple folk arts like tea leaves. Divination in all forms has always been an important part of the witch’s training and craft and tonight we explore the simple – but extremely accurate – art of reading that found in the bottom of your cup!

Friday 7th July – The God of the Witches

Many are attracted to Paganism and Witchcraft because of the Goddess – but if we neglect our male archetypes we become unbalanced. This study night will explore the God of the Witches, his mythologies and images, and looking at ways of honouring and using his energy.

Sunday 16th July – Sacred Sites and Symbolism

A day trip exploring some of south Wales’ sacred sites, how the energies of these places can be used by the witch, and considering the symbolism which can be found in and around the sites. Small cost to cover travel if car sharing.

Friday 2nd June - Study Night - Magical Mandalas

Mandalas are symbols of eternity, we will look at t he history but more importantly present day uses for these enigmatic representations of the universe. In this workshop you will come to understand their power and how they can help your magical practise.

Saturday 17th June - Llantrisant Beating of the Bounds

Once every seven years the Freemen of Llantristant walk the 7 miles of ancient boundry around the hilltop town. The ritual significance of the event is clear and has a lot to teach us traditional witches who have our own boundaries to tread! So we will be joining the festival and learning more about the tradition. The tradition of beating the bounds - one of the oldes t in Wales - began in 1346 when the Freemen received a charter making Llantristant a self-go verning charter town. It gave privileges such as grazing and trading rights, all within th e town’s boundaries. Walking the boundary every 7 years ensures these rights have not been infr inged and ensures the next generation remember the boundary (instilled into memory by the bouncing of small children upon the boundary stones!)