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The Magic of the Mabinogion
A Year Long Exploration

Mabinogion Workshop Celtic Tree

First Branch – 27th and 28th February 2015
Second Branch – 9th and 10th April 2015
Third and Fourth Branch TBA

Venue - Church Village, Near Cardiff

The Mabinogion

A year long course exploring the hidden magical secrets of the Mabinogion, and how we as magical practitioners can use the stories to enhance our work and our connection with the land in which we live. We will consider each branch in depth, learning how it works with and through nature, and seek to understand the earlier Celtic worldview hinted at within the stories. Who were the ‘Old Gods’? What did a universe of many worlds mean, what was our place within this? We will also find out how modern magical ideas fit into these early traditions.

The Mabinogion is a collection of early stories written originally in Cymraeg, so can be said to be truly the legacy of Y Cymry. They contain the first known tale of Arthur, and within what is known as “Y Pedair Cainc”, or "The Four Branches’, the focus of these workshops, are many themes later echoed in Arthurian Tradition. They tell the story of our Welsh heritage and through these we will also look at how they compare and are enriched by stories from some of the other Celtic traditions.

We will use ritual, story telling and pathworking, alongside lectures and discussions to bring the tales to life. Regardless of your experience the workshops will enable you to enhance your personal knowledge, deepen your understanding, and experience a rich magical tradition in new ways.

This is a year long course over four weekends, with a total cost of £150 payable in installments. This works out at just £18.75 per day workshop. However, each workshop is self contained and participants are welcome to come along to just one or two. The price for each weekend is £50. The course will be delivered in the medium of English, but as Welsh texts we would welcome Welsh speakers and the insights that can be offered into the stories and various translations which have been published.

Tea, Coffee and Cake included, with a shared ‘pot luck’ lunch.




  Presenter            Helene

Helene Watson has been part of the Western Esoteric tradition for more than forty years, and has taught in the UK and Holland for over 25 years. Introduced to the esoteric tradition by her aunt in the early 1970s she initially studied under a teacher whose roots were in both Theosophy and the Craft. Helene then moved on to her now long association and training within the Servants of the Light where she is currently a student supervisor and works by association as a lodge Magus.

Helene is experienced in meditation and in the uses of ceremony and ritual from a number of traditions, although her first love will always be within the Celtic. Her lifelong fascination with the Mabinogion sprang from reading these as Children’s fairy tales as a child and with the encouragement of her Jungian influenced, artist mother when they often visited Wales with her grandparents.

Later in the early 1980s she was again inspired by the Mabinogion and Arthurian tradition through the first Gareth Knight, and Caitlin and John Mathew’s Hawkwood workshops. With moving to Wales permanently in 1982 she more deeply worked with these stories through their association with the land around her.

Helene is also an author, publishing her first publication ‘The Zodiac Explorer’s Handbook’ in 1986 and has since contributed to a number of edited publications, such as ‘Voices of the Goddess A Chorus of Sibyls’ ed. John and Caitlin Mathews first under the name of Helene Hess and later Helene Watson.


 Booking and Payment

To book a place on this course email:

The total cost of the four workshops is £150, payable in instalments. This works out at just £18.75 per day workshop. You can also attend any indivdual workshop for £50 per weekend.

The payment schedule for the full course is as follows:
£50 payable by 30th January
£50 payble by 1st March
£50 payble 1 month before the 3rd branch workshop




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