With the Moon reaching the peak of its cycle tonight I am sure you are feeling the pull of the Full Moon as much as I am.

For the last few days the waters in me – physical and spiritual – have been rising.

It’s the same every month, I am pulled toward the rising tides of the moon.

You may be surprised to learn that the Full Moon is not the phase of the moon in which I do most of my magical work. I like to start projects which need a boost of energy to get them moving at the full moon. But mainly it is a time for celebrating, for my previous magics coming to fruition, for relaxing with witchy friends and a time of devotion.

If you are new to Witchcraft, or maybe need a little inspiration, here are 10 ideas on how you could celebrate the Moon and utilise its energies. But most importantly all of these mini ritual ideas will help you to align with its energies, to feel them, and to begin to use them to achieve magical results.

1. Observe The Moon

The simplest witchcraft rituals are often the best. Just looking at the moon is a magical act and a divine communication in and of itself.

It doesn’t need to be complicated – just go outside and look! Gaze gently, see every shadow and every line. See how the light diffuses around it. See how it illuminates the world and the night sky. Just watch without expectation or assumption about what might happen. Breath deeply and enjoy!

2. Talk to the moon. 

Whilst you are outside looking at moon you might feel drawn to speak to the moon. Don’t hold back – speak what’s in your heart and mind! You can speak out loud (I often use a purposeful whisper) or in your mind. You might like to prepare something in advance if you do not feel confident. Or perhaps find a poem about the moon you like.

3. Catch the Moonlight in Water

Moon water has become popular recently – but in doing so its lost a lot of the nuances. It feels quite a fluffy new age thing now! But its not. If done right. This is NOT about filling a bowl with water and leaving it on the garden wall all night to get ‘moon water’ for spells.

This is about taking a small bowl or cup, filling it with water (rain or river water is great, or you can use any liquid such as wine) and stand under the moon carefully positioning the water until you ‘catch’ the moon’s reflection in the surface.

Spend some time focusing on the reflection and the knowledge of what you are catching so it charges the liquid. You can then use the water to bless yourself with the moon’s power, drink a little to take its energy, add a little to the bath, or maybe offer as a gift to the spirits of your home and garden. Save it in a bottle and use a drop or 2 to dress candles for spells.

The key is a to make small amount with intention and effort on your part. Don’t dilute the magic!

4. Catch the Moonlight in a Mirror and reflect onto yourself

Another way to capture the energy of the moon to utilise it yourself is to use a mirror. With your back to the moon hold a small mirror in your hand and focus it on the moon. Then reflect back onto your self – your face is easiest. Really FEEL the moons rays reflecting onto you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply whilst you absorb the energy and let it recharge and refresh you.

5. Take a Moon Bath!

There are 2 ways to do this – first add the moon water you made into your bath tub and just get in and relax and absorb the magical energies. Or go outside, grab a blanket and somewhere to lay/sit and allow the moon light to wash over you.

6. Charge a Magical Tool…… but only if it needs it!

The energy of the Full Moon can be used to charge and consecrate a magical tool. But you don’t need to go overboard. Think before you charge – WHY? Does it need the energy of the moon? I personally dislike the trend for charging crystals for example – these minerals already team with the energy of the earth so why try and replace that energy with moon energy? What are you using the tool for and will it benefit from celestial energy? I like to charge my herb knife occasionally or my Sprowl Staff. And my silver ritual jewellery, but that’s about it for me.

7. Harvest Magical Plants

At the full moon the sap and vital energy of plants it high. Just as the moon controls the tides of the sea which are high at the point in the cycle, so too it controls the tides within every living thing. Full of vital energy magical plants for spell work and healing are particularly potent when picked under the light of a full moon. Remember to harvest responsibly, only take a small amount of any given plant, only take what you will use, and live an appropriate gift to the spirit of the plant and place.

 8. Acknowledge the Elements

A very simple ritual which can be done any time, but is particularly strong at the full moon is to acknowledge the elements where you live. To do this I simply go outside and take some deep breaths, and say something like:

I breathe of the Earth, of the land which Holds Me

I breathe of the Air, of the breeze which Inspires Me

I breathe of the Water, of the rivers which free Me

I breath of the Fire, of the flame which illuminates Me

I breathe of the Elements. I breathe of Life

I then spend a few moments just ‘being’.

Remember – the elements exist everywhere and all around us. Whilst some traditions attribute elements to specific directions there is no need to do this, and I do not turn or face a certain direction when I do this greeting.

9. Divination

The time of the full moon is a great time for divination. A simple Tarot spread under the full moon can be very insightful for personal development or general guidance for the month ahead. If you don’t read Tarot often just pull a single card and meditate on what it may mean. Worry less about what books say the card means and more about the insights which come to you using your intuition. Its also a good time for using pendulums, runes, or my personal favourite scrying. And yes, I usually use the water in the cauldron which hangs over the fire where I work at full moon!

10. Drink Moon Tea

Finally, a moon tea ceremony can be a beautiful way to mark the Full Moon – and can bring together many of the previous ideas. Using a herb that is sacred to the moon (such as mugwort, hibiscus, Aloe or Jasmine) spend time and attention making a cup of tea. Make it as elaborate as you like – a beautiful tea pot, singing a song of the moon as it brews, a lovely cup which you fill and then catch the moon light in…… Then drink and relax and soak up the moon’s energy and light.

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