The Hearth of Brighid

Learn With Us


Our job is to open the door to the magic within you to help you to live a more magical life.

However you prefer to learn we offer high quality teaching in a range of subjects – from our brand new Introduction to Moon Magic e-course to year long exploratory courses in all aspects of witchcraft.

Our courses and workshops are highly practical and interactive – experience is valued as highly as knowledge. We do not aim to teach you abstract knowledge, but real, actionable, techniques which will bring about transformational changes in your life. Magic and Wictchcraft are about DOING in our promise to you is simple, not matter what course you undertake with us you will be doing magic FROM DAY ONE.

Of course you learn the theory and technical aspects along the way too – but knowledge and experience go hand in hand at every step to ensure you have a firm foundation without retreating into armchair occultism. Of course, there is a time and place for armchair occultism too – and a quick look around my spare bedroom/libary will confirm that I’ve done my fair share of it! But in the begining its easy to become overwhelmed with theory and reading about what other people are doing. Let us help you jump into the magical waters – safe in the knowledge we are right beside you guiding you saftely through the tides and currents.

Learn about Seasonal Energies

My mini e-book Changing Tides offers a Traditionalist’s Guide to connecting with the magical energies of the Seasons. It is the perfect introduction to my style of magic, and will show you the astonishing power of the simplest magical actions. With this quick download (and a couple of helpful emails!) you can start practicing simple magic TODAY!