I didn’t consciously choose Weave the Liminal as the first book for the Hearth of Brighid’s new Book of the Month venture. It wasn’t an intellectual choice.


A head-based choice would probably have resulted in something like Treading the Mill, A Deed without a Name, the Witch’s Mirror or maybe even Letting in the Wild Edges. All solid choices which will probably feature over the next year or so.


But this book called to me. It captured my imagination and my eye in a popular online book shop.

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 It was the title that drew me in first – the idea of weaving the liminal, the spaces between the spaces, the times between times, the places between places. It’s what we do when we practice magic and so whilst it’s not a usual author for me, I wanted to know more.


In fact I wanted to dislike this book. It wasn’t my usual style – its unapologetically American for it start*, and covers a huge range of topics on the contents pages. Both things which have historically not contributed well to my idea of a good book.


But my intuition, or perhaps my better demons, told me I should buy it. And that it should be the first book we read together. Within the first 10 pages I knew it was exactly the right choice, and that this book would earn its place in my recommended reading list easily.


 *(For those who actually know me you will see the humour in this statement. For those who don’t, this is not a dig at American Craft authors. But its an acknowledgement that my craft is very locally based, and looking for inspiration from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean often misses that point entirely.)


You see, it’s a very pragmatic book. Its very conversational and extremely easy to read.

I felt like the author was telling me a story – her story – but a story I could easily relate to.

It wasn’t a stuffy, peering down your nose book, written by a distinguished author who must be listened to. (Which is not to say the author isn’t distinguished or shouldn’t be listened to!)

And whilst it was totally accessible to beginners it wasn’t a cut and paste, dot-to-dot, witchcraft 101 instruction manual either. 

At the end of Weave the Liminal the author shares her hope that she has inspired us to weave our own style of magic and craft. Throughout the book she creates this sense of inspiration, arousing curiosity and encouraging further exploration. Its packed full of hints and clues if you have eyes to see them.


It contained no real instructions on HOW to do your craft. No list of things you MUST do before you can call yourself a witch. No list of tools. No list of festivals to celebrate. No instructions to carry out your first ritual.


In a world full of ‘shoulds’ ‘must dos’ and ‘need to haves’ this book is liberating.

This book gives you permission to throw away everything you have been told and to be the witch YOU ARE. If you needed permission that is.


You don’t *need* to work with the gods, you don’t *need* to have a spirit guide. Hell you don’t even *need* to believe the same things you did last year.


But you already knew this though. Right?


At the very least I’m guessing you had an uncomfortable feeling somewhere inside that these things were not really the essence of what being a witch meant.


But the book is also uncomfortable because if you don’t need these things then what do you need? If Laura is not about to give us a list of what we need to think, buy and do then who will?


Oh, hang on….. she wants you to do that.


So this book not only doesn’t give you assignments and work to do. It gives you ALL the work to do.


That’s both liberating and terrifying in equal parts.


And in the end, its why I loved this book.




This is my initial review of Weave the Liminal ahead of our month of discussion and study. If you would like to read the current book of the month along with members of the Hearth of Brighid then please join us over in our facebook group.



Join the Facebook Group!

Want to discuss the book and other witchy topics? Join our private facebook community. 

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