Looking Back to Look Forward

The Hearth of Brighid


We are about to be between the years once more. A liminal time between what was and all the potential of what is to come.

And as we hurtle towards the striking of Midnight I’m in a reflective mood.

I’m still just crawling out into the world from the darkest time of the year – the Hallows Season. But as the Yule fires were lit the sparks of the new year started to make their presence know.

Have you noticed how the energy of the year has changed again?

Several plants in my garden have flowered again – unseasonably so.  And arriving in Yorkshire the day after the solstice I found the daffodils and snowdrops were already pushing through tiny shoots of green under the garden hedge.

Everything is pushing towards the light again. The death of the year has passed and we are in the space between as the new year emerges.

At the end of this Yuletide period – which is not a single day, a single astronomical event, or a single ritual but a period of shifting tides and emerging light which spans 2 or 3 weeks – comes the changing of the calendar year.

Even though the celebration of New Year’s Eve on December 31 is a relatively modern tradition, the fervour which which it has been celebrated for the last half century have imbued this night with a power and magic that’s difficult to escape. A magic which allows us to leave behind in the old year that which no longer serves us, and move forward into the new year with blessings and opportunities.

Now is the time to be thankful for your blessings. So that you can take these forward into the new year whilst leaving what needs to rot behind. So tonight I am feeling reflective.

I count my blessings, from the big ones (my beautiful little girl and my fabulous coven wild women) to the tiny ones (the glimpse of the beautiful solstice full moon behind the mountain, the perfect coffee mug I received in the office secret santa).

I review the challenges – this year I have a lot to leave behind. Its been a transformational year and that always leaves a lot of debris in its wake. The cosmic compost heap has had its fair share of replenishing from me!

I sit in front of a candle which is burning in memory of the masks stripped away and the events which created them in the first place. Just before midnight I will extinguish the candle for the last time and begin a fresh flame.

A fresh flame full of fuel and potential to become whatever I put my focus on.

The New Year is all about new beginnings, about making decisions about how to live your life in the coming year. A time for big dreams – and taking the first step to manifesting them.

So take a few minutes over the next few days to clarify your big dreams.

To decide what you want to achieve – and take practical steps for making it happen

 New Years resolutions, whilst having become somewhat clichéd and unrealistic (lets be honest this probably isn’t going to be the year I loose half my body weight and run a marathon), are the very essence of a magical spell.

Perhaps this year you want to learn a new magical skill, or deepen a connection with the spirits of the land.

Traditional wisdom tells us that whatever you want to achieve in a year you need to make sure you do on New Year’s Day. So tomorrow take one small step towards your big dream.

Or a big step perhaps (there may be a big opportunity on the horizon from the Hearth of Brighid for example……..)

Maybe this is the year to introduce old traditions back into your family’s new year celebrations?

Why not sweep the old year out of the back door and then open the front door to the new?

Why not invite a handsome dark haired man to be the first to step over your threshold in 2019 to bring good luck? (And then please send him to me!

Make Calennig Apples with your children and sing songs for the neighbours in return for bread and cheese. 

Embrace a different use of ‘white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits’ to charm in the new year. Chant ‘black rabbits’ 3 times as the clock approaches midnight, and then as the first strike of 12 begins chant ‘white rabbits’ 3 times. (A little bit of Yorkshire folklore to enlighten the pagan campers amongst us!)

Light a candle or a bonfire to frighten away the mischievous spirits and light the way for the beneficial ones to enter.  

Decorate a New Year’s Tree – whilst its become a modern craze according to my Instagram feed, then it has its roots in old European traditions.

And of course – sign Auld Lang Syne crossing hands only when you reach “And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!”.

However you mark the beginning of the New Year, I hope you find happiness and fulfilment in 2019 and I look forward to growing with you as I continue to blog and build this magical community.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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