As the astrological New Moon rises in the early hours of tomorrow morning, it brings with it a sweeping change. It is the last New Moon of this decade, and in that moment all potential is set free. 

Have you been holding your breath for the last week or so? 

It’s time to exhale.

At between 5.12 and 5.13am (GMT) tomorrow morning, the moon’s energy will seemingly stand still for just a breath, just a moment, as it it changes from waning to waxing.

At 5.12am it will still be wanning – the illuminated portion of the moon’s surface that is visable to earth  will be reducing.

But at 5.13am the pendulum will swing the other way, it will begin to Wax, and technically the New Moon Phase will begin.

Of course, we will not see it.  The moon’s face is turned entirely to the sun, and the dark side of the moon is projected towards the Earth.

But it is not our physical eyes which perceive this magical moon energy, or any magical energy. It is our subtle senses. And I’m anticipating a switch tonight.

A changing wind has been hovering around us since the Yuletide season began, and tonight the moon’s light begins to return just as the sun’s light is gaining too.

Its the very last New Moon of the decade.

This new lunar cycle will carry us over into the next decade.

This New Moon begins a lunation which straddles two decades. A magical, liminal, cycle in which all things are possible.

We wont wake up tomorrow to an entirely new world, but the rivers of magical moon energy are pushing us along a new course. If we jump in with it, our very actions can create a whole new world.

If you want to make BIG changes in your life, this New Moon is a good time to start.

The changes you start now don’t have to be big. Small incremental changes are the ones which really stick, and over time add up to a complete transformation.

All you need is to take one single step in a new direction. And then another, and another. Determine the direction and begin the movement. The magic of this new moon will help carry the rest along.

Making a Plan of ACTION and MAGICKS!

I will be planning my magics and shenanigans for the month tomorrow – as I do every New Moon. But I’ll also have an eye on the lay of the land for 2020, and the decade which reaches out in front of me like a blank scroll ready to have my adventures and achievements penned into it.

This will be a decade of returning to me. Stripping away the layers of baggage, pain and grief which I assembled over the last decade.

It will be a decade of freedom, and adventure, of growth and abundance and of Joy.

But most of all it will be a decade of truth.

A decade where I will not be afraid to shine the brightest of lights in the darkest corners of my being.

As I leave what does not serve me behind in 2019 I reach for the unlimited potential of the 20s with hope and certainty.

What about you?

What big dreams are yours for the 2020s?

What will it bring for you?

What Big Plans and Big Dreams do you have?

What smaller steps will you take to get there?

Plan now for the big dreams and the big changes you want to bring about!

Put the first steps into motion. And then just as a plant bursts forth from beneath the soil, so too will the energies of the moon burst forth into the physical sky in just a few days time. As the Crescent emerges, and the magical new moon begins, you will be ready to ride the crest of the wave of the lunar cycle right into 2020!

And it all starts with the New Moon tonight. With the almost imperceptible swing of the pendulum.

From Waning to Waxing.

From Year to Year.


This is the last New Moon of the Decade, and the first lunar cycle of the 20s is upon us. Will you jump into this new moon energy with me?

Are you wondering WHAT NEXT?


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