Get your 5 Steps to confidently working with Seasonal Energies

Welcome to the Hearth of Brighid!  You have reached the right place is you are looking to learn about Traditionalist Witchcraft from an established Welsh Coven. You mght be looking for online courses, for free resources, or perhaps to meet other local witches and pagans to share this journey with you. We have you covered!

From meditation to herbalism, Astrology to divination, ritual practice to communicating with spirits – the Hearth of Brighid is can help you. Our training uses traditional tried and tested methods – but its delivered in modern convenient ways to suit the individual.

You can start by downloading our free e-book, Changing Tides. Let Breo lead you through the Traditionalist’s Year, showing you the changing seasons and magical energies. In a series of emails to accompany the guide I will guide you step by step in implimenting the 5 Big Ways to connect with the magical energies and to start practicing magic TODAY!

Want a little extra support and community? We run a private facebook community where you can talk about all things Traditional Witchcraft in a safe and supportive environmnet. Join now!


What We Offer