Relax – and let the

Magic Happen

Tension in your body will block the flow of energy, making it more difficult to have success with your magical practices. When you learn to relax it’s like a switch has been flipped, and all that seemed so hard to attain seems to flood into your life

Tension is the body is a blocker to energy moving freely – and if energy cannot move freely throughout you then magic will always feel like a uphill struggle. Its not impossible, but its much easy with clear pathways for the power to travel along. Open these channels will also develop your inner psychic powers, powers which we all have but often lay dormant until awoken through conscious energy work. 

Even if you do not think you have tension in your body it may be there on the inner levels – the exercise will increase your perception of this.

There is A LOT packed into this little exercise! And the more often you do it the quicker it becomes to scan the body and correct misalignment, so stick with it and eventually it will take only a couple of minutes to do.

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this exercise.


Do not think it EASY because it is simple. Put ALL your attention to the task.

Hone your focus and concentration and it will pay huge dividends.

Take your attention away from outer distractions and onto yourself.

After taking a few deep breaths ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you sense tension in your body? 
  • How are you sitting? All hunched up with 
shoulders braced as if carrying a heavy load? 
  • What about the thigh 
muscles – are they tight against the chair? ​Or braced against where you are sitting?
  • If you wear glasses is there tension in your ears and the 
tiny muscles at the side of the face? (Take your glasses off if wearing them)
  • Are your fists clenched?
  • Is there tightness in your feet?
  • Is there tension or pressure anywhere else in your body?

The next part of the exercise may seem counterintuitive, but try it!

You are going to become EVEN MORE tense. I want you to tighten every single part of your body as much as you can. You might try curling up into a very small ball, letting every muscle tense up – from your nose to your toes, make fists and grit the teeth. You may find it easier to do it laying flat. Experiment! The more tension the better. 

Now, count to ten, then very slowly uncurl, relax, and let each muscle ease its way out of the cramped position.

Once you have returned to balance, move into a full body stretch – feel how this is the opposite type of tension. Again hold for a count of ten before letting every part of your body sink into deep relaxation.

Repeat aiming to sink further into relaxation after contracting and stretching.


Once you are comfortable with this exercise (and are doing it daily and consistently) you can move onto to the extension of the technique below

After scanning your whole body, take your attention to your toes. Concentrate on them and how they feel. Tighten only the muscles in your toes. Then relax. Repeat 3 times. 

Move your attention to your sole of your foot and do the same thing. 

Slowly and deliberately move through your whole body in this fashion – don’t leave any part out. You can have tension in your elbows, in your scalp,  or even your eyes! Be thorough.

Once you have worked through the whole body then re-scan for any residual tension and return to them and repeat the exercise.  

As you become more proficient with this exercise you will find you do not need to tense before relaxing – simply placing your attention into a body part will release the tension. But don’t rush to get to this point. The slower you take this exercise the more powerful the results. Its not a race to get to the end of it – the deeper you go the stronger the magic!


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