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Our Training Programme

During the first year of your study your focus will be upon learning the basics of witchcraft and exploring the mysteries of nature.

Training with The Hearth of Brighid Coven involves a mix of written lessons, rituals and study nights. It requires a significant commitment - but the payback is equally great. From the earliest stages of your training you will be writing, organising and performing the rituals of the Hearth of Brighid - we firmly believe in learning by experiencing.

Our Coven study nights include discussions, practical demonstrations and workshops. Although most will be lead by the coven leaders, we have very close links with DragonOak Coven in Bridgend and we are privileged that the initiates of the Tradition will regularly join us to share their knowledge and experience.

Finally every month you will receive written lessons, developed to give you a strong foundation in Witchcraft theory and technique. Each lesson gives new information, including history, folklore, guided exercises and meditations, instructions on tool making, and suggestions for further study. These lessons will be supplemented with additional information based on your individual needs and interests.

We believe that our training methods, which have been tried and tested by many a witch, will provide you with skills and experience that will last you a lifetime. We are very proud of our training methods, as it produces witches who we are very proud of!

On acceptance students are asked to commit to the following:

1 study night per month, usually on a Friday evening
1 workshop per month, usually on a Saturday
1 Full Moon ritual per quarter, on the nearest date to the full moon
8 Sabbats per year