Lammas in South Wales is going to be a busy time. Not just the farmers in the fields, but the witches in the parks and clubs too! There is something for everyone over the next few days.

I was browsing facebook recently and I realised how much is happening at the moment in the area – we have a number of active covens and magical groups offering workshops and training, but I was blown away by the number of options available within a stones throw of the capital this weekend.
Cardiff Pagan Moot is running a Lammas Ritual at Tinkinswood in the Vale of Glamorgan on Sunday August 5th. The very lovely and very knowledgeable Catherine Abbott will be organising the ritual so I have no doubt it will be extremely well planned and run.
Pontypridd Pagan Moot will be holding a Lammas Picnic in the Park on Saturday 4th August. Organised by Karin Rainbird, the event is the first of many the moot is hoping to hold around the festivals.
On Sunday evening Cath Little is hosting Tales for the Turning Year at Chapter Arts. Anyone who read Cath’s book Glamorgan Folk Tales will know what a special event this will be.
If you fancy something a little different how about Blissfire Ecstatic Trance Dance? Friday night at the Tramshed in Cardiff, this regular event is getting rave reviews (unfortunately having 3 year old means I’ve not tried it myself yet!)
And if you are exhausted by all the rituals and dancing, then on Saturday 4th August you can treat yourself to some retail therapy alongside some holistic therapies at the Craft & Psychic Fair in Cardiff West End Club
Further afield I know that there will be a strong Welsh contingent at the Spirit of Awen camp too!
And of course, this doesn’t include any of the witches you might stumble across doing private rituals in the secret groves and dark corners.
This really is an exciting time to be a Witch in South Wales!
Have I missed your event out? Sorry! Email me at and I’ll be happy to update

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