The Hearth of Brighid

About Breo


I have been studying the craft for over 20 years, having studied in a coven setting since I was 18. But its not been an easy path – so I understand exactly how you might be feeling as you start along the path, or when you reach a crossroads in it.

8 years ago, I was in a total magical funk. I was feeling completely lost – I knew all the moves and the theory but I just wasn’t connecting. I was going through the motions and feeling nothing. Except frustration, disappointment, and doubt. I tried to pull myself out of it by studying new things – but I was totally overwhelmed by the number of different books and gurus and I just wanted to escape it all.

2 months later I found myself at the start of the Inca Trail – I’ve never even been on more than a half day hike, but here I was so desperate for spiritual enlightenment that I was willing to don a backpack, stock up on power bars and climb stairs up a mountain for 26 miles!

breo may priestess and traditional witch offering magical training and education

As I started walking I was so nervous! I felt so out of place. But the first stretch was along the side of the river and the sound of the water washing over the rocks calmed me. I just focused on the sound and my breath and before I knew it we were stopping for our first break.

As I sat on a rock looking up at the mountains and trees I knew why I was there.

I had flown thousands of miles to realise that what I needed wasn’t more rituals and more meditations, it wasn’t more books and more courses, it was the rivers and the trees, the rolling hills and the rugged cliffs where the magic would be found. It was all the things I thought my magic was about – but all the things I’d lost sight of.

By the time I walked through the Sun Gate 3 days later and gazed down at Machu Picchu the Hearth of Brighid had been born. As soon as I got home I started my new magical practices – greeting the elements every day and building a relationship with the land spirits.

Wow. What a difference! I felt liberated, connected and the magic seemed easy again.

And its continued to work – the relationships have got stronger and I am able to share what I’ve learnt with other people feeling the same as I did. Its why I created Elements of Witchcraft, a gentle introduction to my flavour of magic, aimed at refreshing your spiritual practice and helping you to find peace, connection and confidence in your abilities as a witch.

We all need a spiritual pilgrimage every now and then – but I now know you can do it right outside your front door and get results that can change your magical life forever.